Nonsensical book blurbs within 24 hours!

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Now all the crappy books that no one wants to read can get their own blurb. Or some of these books people do want to read. No matter what type of book you have, Mickey Hess over at The Rumpus is churning out blurbs like they are his only business. Mickey promises a book blurb for any book within 24 hours. How long can he keep this up? Here are a few samples:

On Mel Bosworth’s Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom: “It is a fictional novel, the kind of thing a young Hemingway would have pretended to write.” – Mickey Hess

On Joe Meno’s The Great Perhaps: “Like Hank Williams, Joe Meno
knows that there is no greater adventure than gripping books. Since
Meno literally created The Great Perhaps, numerous fans have witnessed
the book’s process of reinventing itself. The book genre is a has-been
in the face of this eye-opening work — a challenge to fans by a
fascinating author. Grip this book. There is no greater adventure.” –
Mickey Hess

On Terese Svoboda’s Pirate Talk or Mermalade: “Books and stories –
and perhaps readers – are mundane. I do not own books (I have a
striking flat television), but Terese Svoboda’s book renders me sadder
and a bit wiser than before she began to write it. And that fact is
subtle and mysterious.” – Mickey Hess

Right now Mickey is up to 7 entries with about 3 to 5 books in each. Go Mickey go! The state of nonsensical book blurbs needs you.