What to read (right now) VI

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Took a week off, no I'm not at SXSW but at Couch by CouchWest. Anyway, uncovered these stories…

“Jackie Warner, David Lynch & Me: A Love Story” by Sarah Sorensen @ Staccato

Here’s how it works: I am spying on Jackie Warner, the fitness guru, through an old-time-y keyhole. She’s seated alone at a kitchen table eating a big red steak. The thin pink juice of it drips down her neck and onto her black sports bra. She’s hunkered down over it, eating with her hands. On the other side of the door, I’m eating a huge pink frosted cupcake and wearing a black rubber cat suit

“And Rin Tin Tin Died in Jean Harlow’s Arms” by Elizabeth Ellen @ Everyday Genius

I am easily distracted. There is the confusion of past encounters with cinematic history. The Misfits, specifically. Your head – on the outskirts at first – was gauze-wrapped and downcast. Suddenly here I was, the one of us up-sitting. I kept my eyes open. I was careful with the names Monty and Perce.

“An Open Letter to My Dying Ficus” by Julia LoFaso @ McSweeney's

I was told you don't like it when your leaves rustle, so I moved you away from the window. I was told you don't like shade, so I moved you back. I was told you don't like moving, so I left you alone to sulk and shed.