What to read (right now) XIV

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Look at this red banana seat bike; let's put our lips together.

“I Am an I Am Today” by Ofelia Hunt @ Word Riot. Too bad for the cat.

My parents are predators. They have fangs, but George doesn’t know about the fangs because I’ve never told him. The real reason I want to go to my parents’ house is to get my bicycle which is red with streamers and a banana seat.

Snap, here's new stuff from Lindsay Hunter, quickly becoming one of the boldest & most fun writers around (if she isn't there already). All of her stuff is pure gold, cash that stuff in.

“Me and Gin” by Lindsay Hunter @ Barrelhouse.

Me and Gin play Lips. This a game where you see how long you can touch lips before you need to scream. Gin always the one screaming first, I guess not always, sometimes I scream first cause I don’t want to seem like no weird lips lover.

Sharp poetry from Mitch James. “Pieces of Home” @ This Zine Will Change Your Life.

My father spends his morning rounded about the shoulders,
Folded like a miser over money,
Rolling cigarettes as fast as he smokes them.