What to read (right now) XVI

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It's short story month (#SSM2011), declared by someone. If it's Matt Bell that has declared it, then that's fine, but if he didn't, he's doing one heckuva job promoting it. He's showing off one short story per day for 30 or so days and also has quite a discussion going of short story this and that's over at his blog. Recent entries include some breakdowns about Tim O'Brien and some more recent short story reviews found in lit mags by Gabe Durham, Davidi Abram and Kate Bernheimer.

Don't worry if those names don't mean anything to do, that's part of Bell's project — to inform and to encourage feedback and new discoveries.

Bell is no slouch himself with a bunch of ebooks and books out, and he does some work with Dzanc. So get on the Bell bandwagon as well if you're not already.