What to read (right now) XVIII: Megan Boyle Edition

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I don't know much about Megan Boyle, where she is, where's she's been. I had read some of her writing, mostly at Thought Catalog, but (probably unfairly) I've always considered her more of a performer artist/exhibitionist/filmmaker than a writer. Interesting, sure, but nothing to write home about, if in fact, I did write home about the stuff I've been reading. My reasons for that may not totally be unfounded: here's a piece on all the people she's slept with, she stars in all these MDMA films with her friend (now husband) Tao Lin and somewhere I saw a video of her trying to shotgun a beer with her voicemail message playing behind her.

But as a matter of coincidence, I stumbled across two of her pieces today and thought “these are good.”

“Little Rock” @ Muumuu House (& Pop Serial).

Not sure how long this has been posted, feel like I've “seen” it there before without really reading it, then when I read it today, felt that it was long but I read the whole thing and the emotions displayed there really were vibrant and applicable and I thought she did exceptional work in showing emotion & the changing dynamics of a relationship in the little things. Epitome of showing without telling and reminiscent but in no way a copy of her husband's famed or infamous style.

“I'm Having Problems With The Internet” @ Thought Catalog

The perfect line blur between fact/fiction/non-fiction that astutely illustrates our modern internet problems along with our emerging problems interfacing with these non-object/object applications. There's a lot wrapped in how these corporate blockbuster browsers control yet free our emotions, or something. If the NY Times wanted to run something about our modern hangups in this tech-gadget-internet commodification age, they should have ran this piece instead of that Franzen sexiness crap.

Megan also has a book of poetry coming out this fall from Muumuu House.