Armors, “Genesis”

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Southern California’s alternative trio Armors is kicking ass right now in regards to what they’re releasing, and the attention they’re getting in the industry. Once you hear what they’ve been laying down, there’s no questioning why. These guys are super talented, and we’re very excited to share their latest offering – their single “Genesis” – which was just released last week.

A mid-range tempo is set early, an enduring falsetto established in the vocals as the instrumentals build up and strong, freeing percussion makes its way into the fold. The lyrics are in your face, a confrontation of sorts in a relationship that has gone astray. As they ask, “Where did the affection go?” and then roll right into the chorus with, “Tell me that it wasn’t my fault / No, that I was enough for you / Like to think that we had it all / and now we’re back to genesis” your melt into the vocals and can feel the raw emotion they’re expressing. “Genesis” bends your heart in all different directions, because we’ve all been there.

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