The Best Music of August 2014

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August is a time of “fuck it.” When the demise of summer crashes against the looming specter of fall—separated by a holiday meant to appease the working class—it’s a month of high temperatures and equally high tensions. None of which are the reason behind our choice of the Best Album of August 2014, but the above summary of the last full month of summer do an adequate job surmising the pick. Bred from exasperated repetition and layered upon a dedicated work ethic, there really was only one option when it came down to it.

The Best Album of August 2014


Naomi Punk, Television Man (Captured Tracks)

Sophomore records are a time for reinvention. That’s what history, as well as the all-knowing Music Critic, has led us to expect. When artists choose not to deviate from their originally laid-out path, even just slightly, they often face harsh judgment. On Television Man, Naomi Punk’s approach is familiar: sinking percussions, vague, distant guitar sounds, and barely intelligible, ghostly vocals. In place of sharp punk aggression, there’s dark thrashing that’s painstakingly delicate. The formula remains the same, but two years removed from The Feeling, its effects are even mightier. Highly addictive, Television Man is an album of hypnotic repetition. Filled with maddening hallucinations, it’s a carefully choreographed dance through the mind. Even down to their name, Naomi Punk takes no decision lightly, and for that, respect is deserved.

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The Best Music of August 2014 (in no particular order):