David and Brittany Farkas, Smilin’

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The musical landscape is such at this point that it’s remarkably easy to get your art created and heard by the masses. But that doesn’t always mean the talent is there for your work to catch hold and leave a lasting impression. It can be difficult to find the perfect people to add their talent and round out the sound, but David and Brittany Farkas found their musical partner in each other. How lucky is it to be married to the person who creates beautiful music with you?

David – who is an actor by trade – recently released an album with his wife called Smilin‘. The album itself takes you on a journey of ups and downs through emotional lessons that are especially important to address as we head into a new year. David’s slightly twangy voice makes you feel as though he might go into country mode, but the sound is largely alternative, comparable to bands like Barenaked Ladies. Songs like “Fears” allow you to take an introspective look at what might be challenging you, while songs like “All I Need”, “Love Forever”, and “Only One” make you feel all the feels with their loving sentiment.

Smilin‘ is available now. Keep up with the duo – and David’s acting career – here.