Dolly Spartans, "It's Not Easy"

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As they say, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is especially true of the rude awakening that is life after staying out ’til 5 am the night before.
Thankfully, NYC-based rockers Dolly Spartans have used that potentially vicious cycle as fodder for “It’s Not Easy,” a standout track from their recently released EP, Time Sides With No One.
“But with a grain of salt / I admit to fault / But I’m not gonna change,” Michael Eliran examines with his world-weary vocal as the push and pull of getting your shit together or throwing caution to the wind tugs at him from both sides. Sprinkle in some Strokes-esque chord chopping, brilliant rhythms and a just a touch of math rock and you have the perfect soundtrack for those saddling up to a PBR and shot special.

Time Sides With No One is out now and available here.