Ella Vos, "White Noise"

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Ella Vos has found her strongest following on Spotify.
Her debut track, “White Noise”, is again on our minds as she releases her new music video for the track. Ella has a few thoughts behind her motivations and the song itself:

“This video is about becoming a mother. It’s about the expectations, the judgment, and the pressure to conform to societal standards of how a mother should look and act. Ultimately, it portrays the moment I broke free from all the ‘white noise’ that consumed me for so long.”

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“White Noise” was directed by Kate Rentz.
Drawing from grittier beginnings, the direct social commentary of Vos is easy to digest. Taking a slower pace, Ella has a naturally empathetic voice that is undoubtedly catching on. Incredibly well-produced, “White Noise” is a minimalistic production, rich in artistic direction.