Tweets of confused people watching Future Islands on Jimmy Kimmel

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Future Islands on Jimmy Kimmel

Sometimes we forget that not everyone knows about the music we cover. Even if a band is touring relentlessly selling out venues like Webster Hall and Impose SxSW showcases (cough, cough), it's still within the bubble of indie until it's plastered all over old-timey media outlets like terrestial radio and television. When they appeared on David Letterman, we were appalled to find out that a great majority of the public never bore witness to the greatness that is Samuel T. Herring performing live. Still, it didn't reach everyone, as we learned last night when Future Islands performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. To our shock and dismay, there are actually human beings who do not “get” Sam, and worst yet, don't “like” Future Islands. Cover your mouths as you gasp reading through just a few tweets of people trying to understand the legend in real-time.

More to our liking however…

For those of you wondering, it looked like this: