Golden Coast’s “Recess” Will Ignite a Party Wherever It Is Played

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Southern California’s Golden Coast – comprised of multi-talented Denny White and Steven Mudd – is concocting tracks that are catchy, fun, and adventurous in nature. Known for their well-worked melodies and super vibey percussion, we’re under the impression that their work is about to make a really big name for them very quickly. Their latest song, “Recess”, just multiplies that sentiment.

“Recess” – a name as carefree and fun as the track itself – will reverse the whole “summer turning to autumn” thing. Seriously. It’s so upbeat and enjoyable in a “I don’t want my childhood or this summertime feeling to end” way. With lyrics like, “Used to think our youth would never fade / I can feel the summer in our lungs, couldn’t stop us if you wanted,” you could listen to this at any point during the year and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

So do that. And let us know how it feels.