He Is Me, “Drowning Man/Ocean Man”

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He Is Me’s second single, “Drowning Man/Ocean Man”, feels like it was pulled straight from a Rob Zombie horror movie soundtrack. The talented alt-rock/industrial metal duo are certainly artists, adept at creating an all-encompassing experience through their music… it’s just that it’s a really scary one.

The musical influences that make up their unique sound are clear, with metal-inspired appeal, slowed to downtempo, and with undeniable industrial vibes. It would truly go remarkably well in a movie, preferably one with a night scene in a foggy graveyard, before the movie’s climactic terror sequence ensues. Or better yet, any scene in American Horror Story. Gulp.

That being said, the vocals suit the music perfectly, and the single is very well-executed overall.

It is certainly not the type of music you hear everyday and it is like nothing else you’ll hear on the radio. The overall effect is that of a haunting death march that will send chills down your spine, but in the best way possible. It’s art, after all, just don’t play it on a first date. Or any date after that.

If it’s possible to somehow sound supernatural, He Is Me has certainly accomplished that. Even the name of their upcoming album – Let It Drip – sounds like it could be describing the aftermath of a total bloodbath. Hollywood, are you listening? Because these two artists might very well be your go-to horror music guys.