Jerry Folk, "Stuck With This Obsession"

Post Author: Emily Chu

Jerry Folk is a young 19 year old artist who’s making a name for himself. He’s recently released a new track, and it was the first song to be released off of his newly released EP, Purple Evenings. The song is called “Stuck With This Obsession,” and we got the chance to listen to it.
The track is a combination of old school vibes with modern twists. It’s rhythmic and funky and super catchy. The vocals are light and airy, which is a cool comparison to the solid electro beats. It’s a fun track that will make you want to move your body, and we’re definitely into it.

Tour Dates:
Jul 15 Celebrities (Vancouver, Canada)
Jul 19 The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)
Jul 21 Effex Nightclub (Albuquerque, NM)
Jul 22 Kingdom (Austin, TX)
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