Jive Records cockblocking Andre3000 from Big Boi debut

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Bummer that gems like “Lookin' For Ya” might be barred from Big Boi's debut, Sir Luscious Left Foot because his high school bro and other half is rapping on it. Jive Records seems to think that veers too close to a full-on Outkast track, something that would apparently be under their tutelage, unlike the upcoming debut, that had a path towards release with a funny twist, according to Big Boi's recent interview with GQ:

Jive Records told me my album is a piece of art, and they didn't know what to do with it. So I moved it over to Def Jam.

Does that mean Jive can legally bar the pair from even working together? This is where things get bilingual:

Au contraire! They cannot block it. Au contraire. Either they're going to do it the right way, or they're going to do it my way. How you wanna do it? The fans thirst will be quenched. You know, I'm no stranger to that internet, baby. So you already know what time it is. The thirst of the fans will be quenched.

Quench yours for the time being:

Big Boi, “Lookin' For Ya” (Feat. Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown)