Kings of Leon conquer earth, go unnoticed by Impose founder

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It feels like a lifetime, but it has been a measly year.

September 23 2008 marks the release date of the Kings of Leon's Only By The Night, the record on repeat in that girl's car.

As of today it has spent a year at the #1 spot on Billboard's Top 40 Radio charts in both airplay and audience. Only By The Night has sold 1.3 million copies in America. Kings of Leon are on an arena tour, selling that shit the fuck out. It's unrecorded how many babies were conceived to “Sex is on Fire” and “Use Somebody” this year.

1 out of 10 people you see on the street has had premarital sex to one of these chart topping singles. My ex-girlfriend has been quoted as saying, “every time I hear that song I want to rip my clothes off,” which means every time I hear that song, I need a drink.

Yet, Impose founder Derek Evers has never heard a Kings of Leon song, ever. One bold man, a pillar of solidarity in a nation of billions, has managed to avoid the biggest singles of 2008-2009.

Greatness comes with sacrifice. Let this be lesson number one to all the future founders of music magazines: Derek Evers does not have three minutes and fifty seconds to waste making babies to “Use Somebody.” If you find time for such frivolous acts, well, you'll never have a website design as baller as this.