MAIZE, “I Like You”

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We’ve been following along on the coattails of Los Angeles’ MAIZE as the duo develops their sound and chemistry. That being said, we’ve enjoyed some genre crossover with these fellas, who admit to having finally found their sound with their latest single “I Like You”.

A skipping track with hazy, distant vocals, as though it’s being played on an old record player. But that’s just the nature of the track, which detracts from the haziness to introduce clarity in the instrumentals while maintaining the unique murk of the vocals that sound as though they’re coming from a megaphone or telephone. (Or any phone, AMIRIGHT?) The tempo is upbeat, and the song actually has a layer that feels like it’s coming at you right out of a 90’s pop song. It gives you that fuzzy, warm feeling, as if you’re newly infatuated and in some sort of puppy love, as the lyrics would indicate the frame of mind the guys were in when they wrote the song.

Play it for your crush. They’ll come around.