Morphine: Journey of Dreams Documentary Brings Light to an Influential Band

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Vapors of Morphine played two intimate shows one Saturday in Brooklyn, which included an early short set show in the middle of the afternoon at Rough Trade and a second late show 2 hours long at Union Pool. Vapors of Morphine is an American rock band founded in 2009 by the surviving members of the alternative rock band Morphine, Dana Colley and Jerome Deupree, and blues guitarist Jeremy Lyons. Before their intimate performance at Union Pool we had the great opportunity to watch the Morphine: Journey of Dreams documentary made by director Mark Shuman.

The film is about of the iconic alternative rock 1990s band Morphine and its heartbreaking story. Related by its member’s saxophonist Dana Colley which includes his tour journal at the time and drummers Jerome Deupree and Billy Conway. Apart of including some stories from Henry Rollins, Joe Strummer from The Clash, and Sabine HrechdakianSandman’s girlfriend. The film contains rare live performances from throughout the group’s career, displaying why the trio’s unique and mesmeric sound continues to resonate with its fans and music lovers around the world, following the death of its singer, songwriter and two-string bassist Mark Sandman onstage at an Italian music festival in 1999.

US Dates
10/29 Atwood’s Tavern Cambridge, MA, US
11/5 Atwood’s Tavern Cambridge, MA, US

European Dates
11/8 Circolo Magnolia Segrate, Italy
11/10 Monk Rome, Italy
11/11 Locomotiv Club Bologna, Italy
11/12 Latteria Artigianale Molloy Brescia, Italy
11/13 Centrum Kultury Zamek Poznan, Poland
11/15 Grote Zaal, Paars Van Troje The Hague, Netherlands
11/16 Autumn Falls Festival Brussels, Belgium
11/17 Het Burgerweeshuis Deventer, Netherlands
11/19 Fuzz Live Music Club Athens, Greece
11/26 Atwood’s Tavern Cambridge, MA, US

Morphine is available now.

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