MySpace tours with healthy, shimmering hair

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Check it OUT. MySpace is going on tour with a shampoo company. This is not the V05 shampoo you jacked off with at your grandma's house. That was wrong, and we don't approve; moisturizer is more effective. No, stop. Meet Extreme Style V05. Just like grannie's shampoo, except it gets you incredibly high. Or, at least nods vaguely towards an upside down anarchist symbology with it's flashy new logo. Watch for it in Hot Topic? Still just stocked with the other shampoos? Alright.

MySpace and V05 have paired up for thirty dates across America starting October 16 with headliners Say Anything and hellogoodbye, two acts that channel Ben Folds trying to have phone sex with 15 year olds.

16 Seattle, WA*
17 Portland, OR*
19 Magna, UT*
20 Denver, CO*
21 Wichita, KS*
22 Milwaukee, WI*
24 Chicago, IL*
25 Detroit, MI*
26 Covington, KY*
27 tba*
28 Atlantic City, NJ*
30 New York, NY*
31 Allentown, PA*

1 Providence, RI
2 Gettysburg, PA
3 Emmitsburg, MD
4 Raleigh, NC
6 Orlando, FL
7 Miami Beach, FL
9 Houston, TX
10 Dallas, TX
11 San Antonio, TX
13 Tucson, AZ
14 Tempe, AZ
16 San Francisco, CA
17 San Diego, CA
18 Los Angeles, CA
19 Los Angeles, CA
20 Anaheim, CA
23 Las Vegas, NV