Neru, The Psych0delic Insomnivc

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The Psych0delic Insomnivc, the latest offering from Baltimore’s Neru the Fourth Fugee, is a jazzy hip-hop transmission echoing from deep space. With its dizzying mellow tones and songs that vacillate between smooth, sultry R & B beats to those that combine precise and staccato rap and spoken word, Neru has crafted a record that at once recalls some of the best works by The Fugees, Luniz, and Sade. By the time the spacey bliss of “Limbo” flows into the acid rap of “Float”, Neru has set the table to deliver an album of intimate and unconventional bangers that each present a different facet of Neru’s many talents.
Founder of Hippy Trippy Collective, Neru has accomplished quite a bit in her five years on the scene. As a vocalist, lyricist, activist, and composer, Neru has found herself and her music caught up in a number of cultural moments and events and The Psych0delic Insomnivc shows she does not take her responsibility to her community or movement lightly. With themes at times heavy as their beats, Neru’s The Psych0delic Insomnivc is music that defies easy description, but is nevertheless accessible and beautifully strange and new.
You can check out The Psych0delic Insomnivc now on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. You can follow Neru on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.