Otis English, “Young Kids, Old Love”

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Otis English‘s upbringing reads like something like a soap opera, replete with events like accidentally burning down his childhood home and watching his father’s health spiral downhill while living out of his car. But with experiences like those under his belt, Otis has the material – and knowledge – to create killer music that is far from ordinary. His debut single was just released and it is called “Young Kids, Old Love”.
The track starts out with a stellar piano solo that instantly launches the music into full gear. His vocals blend in seamlessly with the piano, and it’s charged with energy. In regards to this track, Otis says, “I remember writing this song after hearing like 5 love songs back to back on the radio that were all about ‘staying young forever’ or ‘never wanting to grow up.’ It was my first time realizing how unnatural that idea felt to me. I wanted to write a song that said ‘fuck that. Lets grow old and learn together and become better with age’ Nobody wants to just come out and say how shitty being 20 and broke is, so ill do it.”
And we couldn’t agree more. This is a phenomenal track and I’m in love.