PATHS Share "Right Beside You" and "Last One Standing"

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“Right Beside You” and “Last One Standing,” the latest singles released by PATHS, tell all about hardships in relationships. While the songs are part of a A/B side pairing, the two have distinctly different sounds. Still, they justify their pairing thematically.

I’m sure we all can relate to what “Right Beside You” gets at the heart of — digital distractions in what are supposed to be our meaningful relationships. PATHS’s commanding vocal presence makes it clear how frustrating being “right beside” someone who is constantly distracted can be. The song might hit it on the head a little hard, but there’s also a vulnerability in the song that makes up for it.

“Last One Standing” could be considered a sequel of sorts to the relationship in the previous song, hence why they make a great pair. The B-side has a faster tempo, incorporating East-Asian instruments. For anyone who’s had relationships fade, this one’s for you.
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