Do you have MOMENTUM?

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Imogen Heap

What do Imogen Heap, human beat-boxing legend EKLIPS, and sound artists Nik Novak and Di Mainstone have in common? They all have MOMENTUM. Why is MOMENTUM capitalized? Because MOMENTUM is not just momentum. Momentum with a bunch of limp, lowercase letters could measure anything from how you angle your sedan into a parking space at Whole Foods to the rate at which you fall out of your chair while tying to reach a can of soda.

MOMENTUM, though, is not a property of physics; it’s a property of the imagination. It’s a product of passion, inspiration, and going above and beyond everything that’s been attempted before you, the one with MOMENTUM, came on the scene. We already know about Imogen Heap and company, but what about all the inspirational, boundary-pushing individuals out there without the proper means to express their own creativity?

Audio pioneers Sennheiser, who make some of the most finely-crafted sound gear in the game, hear you, voiceless people with MOMENTUM, and they want you to share the ways in which you embody the MOMEN-tous spirit. You can even win prizes like a pair of Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones, a six-month subscription to Spotify, or even one of three unique trips to London, New York, and Tokyo that will feature a private gig in your hotel room and chance to meet with artists and watch them work in the studio.

From now through July 31, you can share your own stories of MOMENTUM in the form of seven-second videos and connect with other inspirational individuals doing inspiration things across the world. If that’s not synergy… or, SYNERGY, I don’t know what is. It’s fitting that these videos are run a second longer that the six-second Vine videos we’ve grown accustomed to, because, like I said, MOMENTUM is all about going that extra mile—or second—further than the norm. EKLIPS rapped 105 words in 16 seconds; Di Mainstone turned the Brooklyn Bridge into a harp; now it’s your turn.

You can also create or participate in MOMENTUM “video chains” that combine similar sources of inspiration. Users who create the most successful chains will be entered to win the aforementioned prizes, as will those with the most successful videos and those who vote for the most MOMENTUM-worthy videos 10 or more times per week.

Sennheiser will also partner with Spotify to introduce and share 100 stories from around the world that showcase the life and work of inspirational people. They’ll follow and video 100 people with a passion and connection to sound and share their projects in an effort to inspire more people to share their own stories. Visit the Sennheiser MOMENTUM home page to check it out and share your own story. And if you're on social media, be sure to use the #WhatsYourMomentum hashtag.

Di Mainstone and team on the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Quin Bisset.