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We celebrated last Valentine's Day with mixes from our friends, and a fun interview with the LA-based duo, Intimatchine. Members Chelsey Holland and Christopher Wormald described their early beginnings, formidable connections, how they became a couple, and a creative power to be reckoned with. Intimatchine just released their I'll Eat You Last EP from Permanent Record Los Angeles / Strange Paradise, twisting old standards with electro-acted impulses, shaking down sugar daddies, and streaming here for your delight.

The dark veils and designs of leather and lace become iron maidens and chastity belt devices of domination, submission, and sensual essences on the opener, “Do Me”. The bedroom etiquette and invitations of enticement turn into the slow orbit of “Phobos”, where bristling guitars take center stage. “Heavenly Creatures” scans an electronic earth to find that alleged celestial front door. The deceptively titled “Sea You In Hell” is a tribute to a famous number that will be recalled upon hearing, after a grandiose introduction and subsequent re-design. Your thirst for an Intimatchine long-player will begin in the closing piece, “Are You Rich?”, where Chelsey presents a tough and taunting delivery, while shedding tears and light with vulnerable honesty. The world of the streets and between the sheets is portrayed in a rough intimate sequence of inner portraits, saturated by the mechanical, the digital, and the distorted.

Intimatchine's Chelsey and Christopher wrote us the following companion piece for I'll Eat You Last:

I'll Eat You Last is our predicament. It's a testament to being serious about making music, together. Most of these songs were lingering for three years, an autoharp, synthesizer and vocals existing solely in the bedroom to be revisited when we were in the mood. It was our secret–a project that existed between just the two of us. Once we committed to recording in 2012, a collaboration between that one-woman impulse and Chris' programming background was at the forefront. It was a union of our two different performance fields, and a chance to open up a dialogue for some earlier relationship woes. We had a hard-drive full of scattered content and a lot to get off our chests. Now that it's recorded and soon to be released, we're ready to put it to rest. We're closing this chapter on the angry teenage daughter. We have a lot of new material, instruments, and ideas that feel more 'adult' and explore a different facet of being in a relationship. It all remains personal but now is rooted in political themes much bigger than ourselves. I can give you an ear into this: we're putting into motion some video shorts, all which deal with real and imaginary dramas. So far Final Cut consists of 5 saved projects titled “Peeping Tom”, “Piano Makeout,” “Dad Erectile Dysfunction”, “Kitchen Confessions,” and “ASMR.” Musically we've been honored to collaborate with the doom metal band GLAARE on a split 7″ coming out this summer. Everything is Chemical will also be releasing an exclusive digital 7″ of some new content. Meanwhile, no vacations and no ring on my finger.”

Intimatchine's I'll Eat You Last EP is available now from Permanent Records Los Angeles / Strange Paradise.