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Almost three years ago, San Francisco ensemble Sugar & Gold released its debut LP Creme on Antenna Farm Records. Principal songwriters/producers PAM (Philipp Alberto Minnig) and PAINLESS (Nicolas Dobbratz) have since been seen supporting and producing Gravy Train!!!!, opening for Of Montreal and blowing up Noisepop with their February 27 performance at San Francisco's Mezzanine along with !!!.

From their humble Pacific Grove, California beginnings as a glammy, nitty-gritty Exile on Main Street-Stones-Fun House-Stooges garage act Dura-Delinquent, followed by their funk foundations as Connexion, Sugar & Gold carry on with their own sexed-up brand of electro-dance that only gets louder with time.

The preview of “Feels Like Fire” features a nightclub player's lament, “I had a system but it don't work on you / got me rethinking my plans / make me question what I am, am, am, am.” “Bodyaches” drips with dance floor perspiration along with lovesick memories, “I can remember the taste of your sweat / I can remember the nights that we spent / I can still hear all the sounds that you made / I don't know how much more I can take.”

upcoming album Get Wet! comes out April 27 on LP, CD and digital download via Antenna Farm Records.

The album release party is at Bottom of the Hill April 29 with Baron von Luxxury and darling of Disco Workout, Nite Jewel.

Sugar & Gold, “Bodyaches”

Sugar & Gold, “Feels Like Fire”