The Best Music of May 2016

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Homeboy Sandman

At its essence, May is spring. The harshness of winter has given way completely for the warmth of summer, and, in May particularly, the blossoming of life. In the same way, the Best Music of May reflects the lushness of existence. If there is a common theme among the releases this month, it would be inner reflection, with an expressive ear towards growth—many of the records this month were created by people in various other bands or backgrounds, who found new avenues of expression in May.

Though it is a veteran who brought the most flowers to the table, flipping the script on the adage that kindness equals weakness. May is a great time to start being a little bit stronger with our kindness.


Homeboy Sandman kindness for weakness

Homeboy Sandman, Kindness For Weakness (Stones Throw)

Kindness For Weakness follows up Homeboy Sandman’s Lice collaboration with Aesop Rock, with production by K-Nite 13 who transforms tales of introspection and rap game perspectives into timeless, styling cinematic settings and scenes. Drawing from his own learned philosophical wisdom that revolves around the adage of “mistaking kindness for weakness is a weakness I need to have more kindness for,” Homeboy Sandman helps us to collectively open our eyes to have a greater empathy for both our surroundings and our own human weaknesses.

Mets tied for first. Weather’s getting nice I know I’m missing out on a lot of legs and midsections while I’m away on tour. —Homeboy Sandman on spring in Queens

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Here are the rest of our favorites for May 2016, in no particular order.