The Best Music of November 2014

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You can’t win a Grammy by dropping an album in November or something like that. You also can’t win a Grammy with the band name Diarrhea Planet, but we hope that someday we’re wrong about that. Who needs a Grammy by the way? Our Best Music list for November is a collection that’s thriving in niche sectors of the industry and also littered with artists we expect to see rise into that arena of niche. The following 10 albums are simply too good to call it quits early and we believe that if you’re going to do something, it should be done right.

The Best Album of November 2014:

Mitski bury me at makeout creek

Mitski, Bury Me At Makeout Creek (Double Double Whammy)

Mitski’s third album and first release with Double Double Whammy, aligns with the quality of many of the label’s releases—strong melodies and honest, biting lyrics—but it also feels like somewhat of a departure from any familiar ground. Falling somewhere amid folk, pop, and breezy electric guitar rock, Bury Me at Makeout Creekdoesn’t make concessions to any one genre. In fact, it doesn’t really make concessions to anyone or anything, and its utter repulsion of convention is what makes it so appealing. What we expect from a folk singer-songwriter, or an artist on DDW, or a music composition major, is none of what we get from Mitski; what we get instead is a sublime mesh of these elements and more that’s harrowing in its strength.

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The Best Music of November 2014 (in no particular order):