The Drums or The Drums: Choice is yours

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The Drums are all the craze in indie-hip press. Everybody seems to be riding the dillz, everybody except us! We take issue with the moniker's legitimacy.

Impose has its heart set on another “The Drums” band. That's right, San Francisco's psych-freak hero John Dwyer has been performing a side project with Ezeetiger under the moniker of The Drums for some time.

Since the internet is ruler of all facts, let's compare bands. Dwyer's The Drums became Myspace members on April 29 2008, while Florida's The Drums became members December 14 2008. That's all we need to know! Looks like we settled who's got the rights to the name.

Florida's The Drums seems to have re-located to Brooklyn, possibly renewing a long dormant East Coast vs. West Coast beef, as the other The Drums rep Nor Cal to the bone marrow. (We'll ignore the likelihood that this is a classic case of no one from either city having much of a clue as to the goings-ons outside their respective neighborhoods).

But which do you prefer?

Florida's midnight runners (beach stretching, dude) have a music video:

The Drums' Summertime EP is out September 15 on Twenty Seven Records and a full length's slated for early 2010.

Or, San Francisco's drug runners, who alas, have no music or music video, save for three songs on their Myspace page. They also look to have zero intentions of, in the least, dropping a split 7″, but elect to play odd-ball art galleries. Where's the merch?

Here's another head scratcher.

Do you go with the SF band with a format that fits the name; two drummers. It manages to not be dreadfully repetitive, especially with a lunatic like Dwyer choking out his scuzzy vocals. Or are you still totally into irony and align with PB&J-like whistled melodies, jangly twanging and of course, some drums.

What about the look?

Are you into well-groomed, unblemished, pouty, slightly dickish looking faces?

The Drums from Brooklyn

Or are you rolling with the mug that says, “Hey man, are you holding meth?”:

John Dwyer's The Drums


Is this just another case of Impose's writers stirring up bullshit content for their own pedestrian amusement? We won't know unless you comment, that's what it's for!