The Most Average Moments of November 2014

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On a monthly basis we tend to suggest it may have been the worst month yet, but refrain from the hyperbole. In our heads we think, ‘yeah it’s bad, but it could be so much worse.’ And then, November happened.

Do we dare mention specifics or did you feel it like we felt it and we can silently agree this was the worst month of 2014 without contention?

Our list of average moments were more like silly reprieve from situations in our country that are legitimately terrifying and cause for alarm, cause for actual headlines and think pieces. Who cares about Billy Corgan and the cat community’s battle with Anderson Cooper at a time like this? Why in the fuck would I wear a “Fuck you, Anderson Cooper” shirt with cats on it, when I should be more upset with Don Lemon hiding his arrogance and indifference to empathy behind a gas mask?

November’s most average moments was written without irony because at this moment in our lives irony is uncouth. Keep that in mind every time you champion Parquet Courts (or Parkay Quartz), Ariel Pink, and Father John Misty in your year-end lists.