The Silver Tongues, “Medicine”

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Brooklyn has no shortage of artistic talent.



The Silver Tongues are a dreamy, atmospheric rock band that now calls Brooklyn home. A past filled with band-to-band bassist work, led man Sean Liljequist only began writing songs in late 2011, while he was still in San Diego.

The universe made a judgment call when Sean moved to Brooklyn, pairing him up with Craigslist-roommate-for-hire Noah Barker, where the two eventually started churning out demo tapes. A year later in 2015, drummer Justin Heaverin joined up just in time to begin work on a full length album.


“Medicine” is the debut single off the group’s self-titled album, The Silver Tongues. Even within this small of a sample size, the cohesion of the instrumentation is almost dizzying. “Medicine” lands dead-center in its recognition of its own structure — there is no filler work, and there is a definitive end. Oozing with the confidence in its own completeness is highly attractive, and sings its own highest praise for the forthcoming album.

This fantasy rock reality that The Silver Tongues have crafted illustrates what ought to be a direct line-of-sight into musical excellence. Evolution of their own product, which is most accessible on their Soundcloud, marks “Medicine” as a 4/5, and The Silver Tongues Jan 25th release as highly anticipated.


When The Silver Tongues is released on January 25th, 2017, it will be available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. To ensure you don’t miss that news, you can keep an eye on their Facebook and Bandcamp.