The Wldlfe, “Text Me?”

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“Text Me?” is the new single from the Indianapolis based indie-alternative band, The Wldlfe. Comprised of Jansen Hogan (vocals, keys, and guitars), Jason Boucouras (lead guitars), Jack Crane (bass guitar), and Geoff Jones (drums), the band released a new single today to follow the success of their March debut EP New. The track is titled “Text Me?” and we’ve got it right here. 

As the band would have it, “The song features 80’s sounding synth work, Maroon 5-esque guitars, and lyrics about our conflicted feelings over text.” And they’re not wrong. “Text Me?” highlights the issues that people often face in communication in the age of cell phones and increasing technology, wrapped up with a strawberry bubblegum pop twist. I’ll even admit that their sound is a bit The 1975, and in all the right ways.

The saxophone breakdown at 2:35 is completely unexpected and absolutely epic, by the way.

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