Uncivilized, Melted Candy

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This is our answer to “not obscure enough” music. Just call these guys The Bernie Sanders Jazz Band.



Uncivilized has been playing in various iterations around NYC for the past 4 years. Occupying vacant lots ever since, Melted Candy is the first release under their collective name. Back in 2014, under their lead man’s name, they released Uncivilized.

Almost a movie soundtrack to taking a walk down the street in Brooklyn, this 4-track EP is digitally distributed by Tiny Montgomery Records, and clear 7″ vinyl on a limited run through Ignore Heroes.

Led by guitarist and composer Tom Csatari, splitting time as an environmentalist, Uncivilized is well-known for their live shows and highly collaborative sound.

Here’s what Tom had to say about Melted Candy:

The tracks on this EP are fairly representative of what goes down at Tiny Montgomery Records (TMR). Two songs were recorded at the TMR living room studio in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, by Julian Cubillos, with no headphones, overdubs, or effects pedals. They sound pretty raw and dreamy to me, and they felt like an old Studio B recording session with all of us being in the same room!


Melted Candy is just that final push your in-laws need to return home early—it is certainly an acquired taste. Almost trance and undeniably jazzy, it takes an open mind to appreciate both the precision and cohesion within Uncivilized’s latest EP. Nearly a musical glitch in the matrix, “Escarpments” can be made sense of as an embodiment of the artistic jungle-juice that NYC often is.

A personal favorite, but perhaps less experimental than others in the collection is “BrandCore™”. Reminiscent of someone robotic, on cruise-control through life, full of anxiety and splendor.


Uncivilized can be found on their Twitter page and website. If you’re interested in the digital release of Melted Candy, you can check it out here, and can find details on their clear, 7″ vinyl over this way.