VISTA, "Henchmen"

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VISTA is a growing name, formed just outside the solo career of front-woman Hope Vista. Picking up guitarist Greg Almeida and drummer Matthew Vlossak along the way, the group has a new single, “Henchmen”.
In their creation and cultivation of a new, modern-day sub-genre in the alternative scene: anthem rock, “Henchmen” was co-authored by all three members.


Propelling listeners into a swarm of intensity within the first minute, “Henchmen” is a head-knocker. Inciting a connection throughout, their new single is deceivingly memorable — undoubtedly fueled by an expertly crafted rhythmic structure that simply compels one to thrash about in an excited, melodic fit.


You can pick up “Henchmen” and support VISTA on iTunes, and keep up with their news for 2017 on Facebook.