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Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Air Max ’97 x Saturn Rising

Saturn Rising’s rising star; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Celebrating the release of the Altered State EP available today through the Bay Area’s own Molly House Records; we have the world premiere for Saturn Rising’s single “2night )))” (Air Max ’97 Caged Heart Remix). The San Francisco imprint curated by Kelly Lovemonster & davOmakesbeats shines a light on the non-binary identifying creative spirits of the Bay that pushes the conversation & creative developments into new progressive echelons.
Saturn Rising’s original recording of “2night )))” that features production from Demongay & Bokteen paints an evocative portrait of evening indulgences is an excercise in expansive minimalist complete with sparse percussion sequencing & reverberating electric echoes. Enter Air Max ’97 with the “Caged Heart Remix” that entertains new audio altitudes & turns up the rhythmic frequencies to higher stratospheres of sensual hedonism. Imbibing from the infinite fountain of eternal EBM that engages the entirety of the physiological system; Air Max ’97 re-fashions Saturn Rising’s with a whole new pair of kicks that has hops higher than your average jumpman or three point lobbing point guard on the court.
Saturn Rising described the inception for the orignal:

“2night” targets the loneliness & desperation of wanting someone. Good sex is hard to come by so you develop these emotions even though you know the situation doesn’t call for all of that. This song outlines the reason why they should stay.

The fashion & passion of Saturn Rising; press photo.

Air Max ’97 provided the following thoughts on the “2night ))) (Caged Heart Remix)”:

On listening to the original track I was struck by the emotionally raw and plaintive nature of Saturn’s lyrics. I wrote a beat with a similar wrenching intensity and re-inserted the vocals in a more abstract and minimal way. I think the result is more ambiguous but hopefully still as haunting and mournfully romantic.

The Altered State EP is available now via Molly House Records, featuring Wasted Fates, Bianca Oblivion, Air Max ’97, and more.