Week in Pop: Future Twin, Hooveriii, Joe Gorgeous, Two Moons

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Hooveriii's own Bert Hoover; photographed by Rocio Mesa.
Hooveriii’s own Bert Hoover; photographed by Rocio Mesa.

Premiering the other side of the Mock Records cassette SPLITTER (available January 27), we present the debut of Hooveriii’s electrified single “Electric Eyes”. Lead by Los Angeles artist Bert Hoover, the energy previously heard on the Joe Gorgeous single “The Matter” continues forward with a little more plugged-in dissonance & switched on sense of blissfully welcomed static distortion that we all love, adore, need & crave.
“Electric Eyes” begins with a catchy drum machine loop & Bert’s elevator operator announcement of, “going down!” The result is lo-fi/no-fi melting mess of fun for the masses as Hooveriii slices through the sound barriers like a hovercraft vehicle carving up the surface of water into streaks & ripples of resonating after-effects. With a distinctive basement level recorded sound, Hooveriii wastes no time in kicking out the jams with a wanton abandon that proves to be highly addictive. “Electric Eyes” scans & surveys all outlaying scenes & landscapes with a take no prisoners attitude that throttles through at breakneck speeds without ever looking backwards in the rearview mirror frame. Every strummed chord progression remains perfectly synced in time to the rapid & rabid rhythms that carry the track through the dimensions & depths of perdition with a volition that all belongs to Bert.

Hooveriii’s Bert Hoover shared the following exclusive words on the new single & SPLITTER:

“Electric Eyes” bridges a gap between two moments for this project. One below sea level, the other above. This tape, SPLITTER, is that moment for both Joe and myself. The one where you bob up and down, over and under. Constantly swallowing and spitting out salt water. All is good though, we’ve seen the lighthouse. It’s beacon draws our faraway gaze, thus we demand yours! All songs on the “iii” side of the split were recorded to cassette tape on a Tascam 414 throughout 2016. This song in particular was written and recorded on the spot in February, 2016. It’s been awhile and we’ve hit the beach.