Week in Pop: Chairs Missing, Coasting, Diarrhea Planet

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Between occupying Wall Street and all the CMJ festivities, you really can have your pick of the popular litter. With the blessing of having freedom to choose your activity, it goes without saying that we are not on the same page. With news the news of Gaddafi's capture and subsequent death, many bros were duped on account of erroneous Carlos Santana Facebook obituaries, M83 put us to sleep with the uninspired songs-of-innocence monotony that is over buzzed Hury Up We're Dreaming while NPR showed off some of their true colors of the 1% when they fired a freelancing World of Opera journalist for bro-noodling with the Occupy DC protesters. I also had written a derisive essay on Bassnectar, Death Cab for Cutie and Lupe Fiasco but time is limited as we acknowledge the artists that are making our world a better place in no particular order.

San Francisco's The Sandwitches released a preview of their upcoming single “The Pearl” this week that delivers a beautiful slice of Bay Area-Americana. Having previously recorded with the Fresh & Onlys, Earth Girl Helen Brown, Sonny & the Sandwitches, Pillars of Silence and more, their new single features production work courtesy of Sic Alps' Mike Donovan and showcases the trio's acoustic beauty. Look for the 7-inch single out November 8 on both vinyl and digital from our friends at Hardly Art.

Almost no week is complete without a new G-Side track, so here is “Paradise (3 33 remix).” A lot of motion and business from this Huntsville, Alabama duo who has their epic album Island dropping this November. Word about another side project, entitled No Hooks, comes from inside sources. More information to follow – stay tuned, dear listeners.

Chairs Missing is Paul Remund's band from San Diego, CA who are premiering this tape mix of “To the Hills”. This single is a testament to the warm quality of tape recordings, posessing both that surf board guitar tone and reverb-touched vocals. The escapist lyrics will have you running to the hills or at least dreaming of a rural getaway from all that burdens you. The 7-inch single To The Hills comes out October 28 on Loud and Clear Records and can be pre-ordered here.

On the heels of their recent Believe in the League EP, Monty, Mr. Knowitall and T.K. of League510 released the swagged out “Mos Def” this week. Representing Oakland while hyping the new EP, the League released this declaration along with the bounced out single: “The inspiration behind this track was basically to hit people with a high energy slumper for the fist pumpers and Swag nation. We're doing us to the 3rd power, so get with the program or get some new software. L's up!” Swag for sure, boys.

Carter Tanton is gearing up for a big show at SF's The Independent this Sunday October 23 along with Purling Hiss and the War on Drugs. Enjoy the kaleidescope-coated video for Tanton's “Horrorscope” off of Freeclouds, coming November 1 on Western Vinyl. As a fan of Carter previously with Tulsa and currently with Lower Dens and solo; I'm happy to find another fan of Bowie's lesser sung “Wide Eyed Boy From Freecloud” to which he was inspired enough to pen it as the album's title.

Diarrhea Planet are buzzing along with glowing reviews from their album Loose Jewels and the garage shredding single “Raft Nasty.” Heralding from Nashville, TN, these 6 bros have become a force to be reckoned with among their fellow luminaries the Coathangers, Fucked Up, Jacuzzi Boys, JEFF the Brotherhood, and the Spits, just to name a few. DP is a refreshing blast of nasty beautiful scuzz in a world of where hi-fi is the new lo-fi. We are all the better for their presence in our lives. Look for Loose Jewels on Infinity Cat out now.

Diarrhea Planet – “Raft Nasty”

Chairlift dropped their single “Sidewalk Safari” this week to remind you that their album Something is coming our way January 24 on Columbia Records. Get excited about this, you may be forced to listen to it all the way through summer of 2012. And yes, you are welcome.

Seapony are releasing a 7″ follow up to Go With Me that includes the brand new and beautiful “Sailing.” Listen and love them here.

Note that this is not a Christoper Cross cover, but if you have yet to hear what Seapony does with the Field Mice's “Emma House” then you need to do yourself the biggest favor all week and listen to this gorgeous re-working of the Sarah Records classic now.

In their second Room 205 video, Craft Spells performed “Party Talk.” Thank you Craft Spells.

It has been but a week since we talked about Brandon Biondo's other band COOLRUNNINGS but this week the frontman made a new solo track entitled “Chrysalis.” What you get is a seven-minute slow burner that could stand alone as an EP unto itself. That track is out on his bandcamp via his Knoxville electric label Dracula Horse and is being offered on a generous “pay what you can” basis. You can follow Brandon, get first listens, lyrics, inspiration for your own solo projects and more on his tumblr.

In last week's bit about SMALL BLACK, we forgot about the title track from their album Moon Killer. Look for the self-released album November 11.

Moon Killer by Small Black

And if you are anxious to hear the new Kathryn Calder album Bright and Vivid, you can listen here thanks to public radio international darlings and #occupydc haters NPR. Listen to it before your super alt mom does.

While caught in the great ascent of Wise Blood from + to the recent and awesome These Wings; we may have missed the recent bevy of remixes. Drawing from Wings' “Darlin' You're Sweet,” “Loud Mouths” and “Nosferatu” are the talents of d'Eon, Evan Voytas, Fol Chen, Hooray for Earth, REAL MAGIC and Supreme Cuts taking a stab at the tracks that have us salivating over the thought of what the Wise Blood full length could be.

Get ready for some surf-time/good-times with Coasting's “Portland.” Comprised of Vivian Girls drummer Fiona Campbell and Goner Records brass Madison Farmer, they take the sun-kissed musical tropes of Californian rock to clear the Northwest rain clouds of Portland, Oregon with this beach ball kickin' track. Listen for Coasting's full length, You're Never Going Back November 15 on M'Lady's.

Rob Jay dropped his wisdom spitting “Wise Man” this week, featuring fellow MC John Dew. Look for Rob's EP, Millionaire Before 30 October 24 with production supplied by Drums & Ammo's Ammbush. Here is the hype from Mr. Jay himself; “The hook is a saying that my cousins dad always says, and at the same time it was like a message to the fans, almost like telling them, 'I'm still that guy'.This song really was stress free, out of all the songs it was probably the easiest to record.” Get the insight for yourself here.

Keep Shelly in Athens dropped “Lazy Noon” to bring some lazy vibrations to your Friday. Taking all the new age-y, adult contempo, chill tempo bass lines of music you used to hear in your parents' minivan, they create a light trance step with subtle psych effects to entice your interest further. There is news of a U.S. tour in the works to coincide with the duo's debut EP Our Own Dream being released November 8 on Forest Family.

And out of obligation and pure gross fascination/curiosity and pathos; here is a preview of Lou Reed and Metallica's upcoming collaboration gone awry, Lulu. If “The View” had you pondering the extent of the damage this must be having on the careers, legacies, and what have you of all artists involved, than you need to get that exclusive preview here.

Speaking of unreleased albums of the future, Surfer Blood's Tarot Classics is being offered on Soundcloud right now for a limited time. If you were wondering how these bros were going to follow up festival staples like “Swim”, the answer might be on this EP. Enjoy your weekend, folks.