Week in Pop: Bruiser Queen, Fielded, Telethon

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Vallis Alps

From great heights with Vallis Alps; photographed by Cybele Malinowski.

Currently on the final end of their US/EU tours, Vallis Alps caught our ear with their maximalist pop heard on the electro pop persuasions of “Oceans” that moves like a mighty digital expanse of sea. The Seattle by Australia duo follows up their Fable EP with a sensational sound worthy of having its own modern mythology & fable as “Oceans” operates between an inner intimacy & a bouyant force that abounds in the expanses of deep blue hues. Elements of opposites clash & attract as plays of hearts & desires are expressed between the illuminated keys and earnest delivery that strikes straight to the most sacred chambers of the spirit.
Vallis Alps offered us the following introduction to the new single:

“Oceans” was born from a conversation we had about Tahirih, a nineteenth century woman who fought and died for the emancipation of women in Iran. It led to us thinking about the daily sacrifices that women make—as mothers, as protectors, as luminaries—and we wanted to write a song about carrying that weight and thriving in spite of it. As “Oceans” formed, it became both a celebration and an expression of admiration for those figures in our lives and in history that are examples of this.

Remaining US tour dates:
08 Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex
09 San Diego, CA – Space