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Cool Calm Chrys

The proliferation of LA’s rising star Cool Calm Chrys; press photo courtesy of the artist.

LA’s rapidly ascending star Cool Calm Chrys is one of the busiest upstarts in the underground industries from his work in hip art-anarchists 93 Bulls to the Quickstrike single series; Triple C returns with “Starrcade ’85” that rehashes your favorite WCW/WWE moments from the mid-1980s. Joining forces with Eight Badges, the two trade in tales of squared-circle hopes, metaphors & analogies that recall the road to throwback pay-per-views & the lofty titles that can tear up any mid-card. Cool Calm Chrys & Eight Badge mark-out royally in a relaxed rumble of their own design while cutting a couple of big promos.
Nevermind 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin’s recent homage to the limousine riding, jet flying Nature Boy; Chrys & Badges sample key moments from the vintage 1995 Starrcade The American Dream vs. The Nature Boy showdown between Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes. Over a leisurely luxury gym-style beat, Chrys & Badges keep the deliveries cool like two friends getting deeply poetic about their favorite wrestling heroes (past & present rosters) as if exchanging rhymes & casually competitive conversation over an old-school match from No Mercy on N64. With Chrys maintaining an extra ice chilled memory-lane meets modern superstars (even shout-outs to Roman Reigns) trajectory with Eight Badges add some extra pep in the delivery whilst keeping the references rolling. Experience everything from name-checking world heavyweight champions to their finishing moves that idolizes & internalizes classic & modern superstars. In Cool Calm Chrys’s own words on “Starrcade ’85”:

Well, the story of this track is funny. Eight is a huge fan of WWE and while we lived together, he had to watch RAW on Mondays like it was Sunday mass. So one day I’m listening to beats and he’s watching like any regular Monday, and I just caught a vibe thinking about all the old WWF shit we were into. Ric Flair is the lord of the drip, so he immediately was the first bar I came up with. The rest, just kinda flowed. The goal from that point was to stuff as many WWE metaphors as I could into the verse and the same thing for Eight. We came up with the name due to the fact that our deliveries are so starkly different visa vie, Ric & Dusty. All of the old heads will love this and catch all of the references, or at least I hope haha.