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Drawing Boards

The exquisite pop world of Drawing Boards; photographed by Steven Levine.

Drawing Boards, comprised of members formerly of Dirty On Purpose, Sisters, TEEN & Darlings just released their Gentle Reminder Records self-titled ahead of their NYC release show at Alphaville with Wild Pink & The Fluids. The group makes music that works their way into your heart like the cupid-sharpened arrows off “Poison Darts”, or the blazing guitar bonfire of “Western Shore”, the confrontational “The Punchline is a Gun”, the hazy “Halve the Time”, the sincere & subdued “Something on Me”, to the roaring splendor of “Ocean”.
Drawing Board’s self-titled is a tour de force that keeps on charging through like the behemoth “Bee Into the Wave”, the reverse natural observances of “Grass Grows Backwards”, spinning the dream-guitar machines into the art-punk of “Today is Tomorrow”, reflecting in the puddle pools of “Shine Clues”, the intimate interlude of “Post Halloween”, before concluding the album cycle with “Getting Used To It” that showers the band’s pensive approach outward into the awaiting ears of the surrounding world.

Aaron Pfannebecker of Drawing Boards provided the following exclusive insights on their self-titled album:

These songs are our first document. They’re about growing up, nostalgia, daydreaming, and memory. And guitar music contrary to popular opinion will never die. Drawing Boards began as a recording project and blossomed into a group with Peter and Jane who are amazing players who all played on LP #2 that just got mixed.