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Young Clancy

Introducing Toronto's own Young Clancy; photographed by Mich Chiu.
Introducing Toronto’s own Young Clancy; photographed by Mich Chiu.

From the ever-prolific Toronto scene circuits, we introduce you to the hazy & wavy styles of Young Clancy who is on the come-up with his recent Yung Prince of the Basement EP. Working with producer Dave Plowman, mastered by the legendary Daddy Kev, and working alongside artists like Gray Rowan and Dan Only; YC exhibits the electro-inundated styles that folks from Toronto, to Montreal, Vancouver & so forth have been vibing to in recent days. Clancy makes a name for himself through illustrations of hedonism with an affectionate & intriguing presentation.
The opener “Always Have” exhibits the more chemically addled aspects of indulgences, where Young Clancy sets the EP’s slow & viscous tempo in motion. “Bawdy” lives up to its name that exhibits the feeling of a romantic night-in that takes things to levels deeper than your average Netflix & chill evening at home. “COMINGTOULIVE” finds YC slowing things down with an MC5 sample from the beggining of Kick Out the Jams that keeps the mood restrained & tame while subtle effects & overall weirdness are subtlety interjected all throughout. Read our interview with Young Clancy featured right after the following listen.

Describe how Toronto has inspired your artistic crafts.
There’s a lot of young talented artists making big moves out here—it has an effect. Makes you think bigger and work harder.
What’s good in Toronto currently that you’re pretty hyped on?
Matthew Progress is gonna drop something hot very soon so set a damn Google alert.
Tell us about the making of your debut EP Yung Prince of the Basement and all the regal & youthful elements that went into the mix.
I wore a lot of robes during the recording process—if you listen closely you can hear the silk. Like 3 different robes at least. There’s only one track on the EP that I didn’t record while wearing robe—see if you can guess which one.
Next moves for Young Clancy?
A couple more EPs dropping this year. Should be a single for ya by the end of March!
2017 goals?
Just being better, staying hydrated.
What else should the world be all about right now?
Let’s enjoy life/ enjoy the song “Slide” before it’s too late. But also let’s give to each other and to people who need. Be generous. Don’t be dismissive. That’s all—thank you for having me.