Week in Pop: ETA, Kristen Barredo, Micah E. Wood

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


Enter into the ethereal electro elements of Italy’s LUC B; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Available now via the rising imprint & collective Variables, meet LUC B who presents a listen to Atmos 4810. The ambient soundscapes push past the physical realms of consciousness toward elements of the senses & aspects of intuition that edge into new worlds of collective connection. The material manifestation of LUC B’s EP is a tribute to the local marvel Mont Blanc (which stands 4,808.7 meters above sea level), where sensory is relayed through towering high-rises of sound that are informed by psychic systems of feeling, ESP and shared cycles thought. As the Variables institution begins to unveil & reveal it’s own universe of superheroes & their superpowers—a new collective order raises an inclusive standard high for the world to witness (as well as the other realms that run parallel to ours).
LUC B lets the audience enter the multi-layered atmospheric terrain of Atmos 4810 at the temple of “Nubi (Intro)”. A wealth of awe encircles the audience, as the height of the mountain is made known as emotions pertaining to determination, altitude & elevations on “To Climb”, to tests of toughness, skills & Feats of Strength on “The Strength of Glass”. Moments of meditations on close connections dip into pensive places on “Uncle Frank” right before “Rue du Mont Blanc” presents new winding roads that reach toward the heights of celestial destinations presented by naturally formed ziggurats of universal might.

LUC B shared the following thoughts on the legendary mount that inspired Atmos 4810 & more:

Most people just stay down here and watch its beauty in awe, but for me, the mountain became more than just an incredible natural phenomenon I could observe on the outside—it became my muse. The trees, land, wind and rain, they speak to me.

LUC B’s Atmos 4810 is available now courtesy of the Variables collective.