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Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Stimulator Jones

Stimulator Jones materializing from the ether; photographed by Michael Spears.

With Stimulator Jones’ anticipated album Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures available today via Stones Throw, we present a listen followed by an exclusive interview feature. The days of funk’s future & past is mixed together in an alchemy that blends the techniques of analog & digital tricks together in a fresh new synthesis of sound sensationalism.
The party starts with relaxing fiberglass tube of “Water Slide”, that arrives at the devotional of “Give My All”, seeking the embraces of “Feel Your Arms Around Me”, leading to the intimate essences of “Together”, vibing to the hedonistic heights of “Trippin On You”, that take the audience along for the cruise control ride of “I Want You Too”. Questions of how soon is now are found on “Soon Never Comes”, exhibiting aspects of carnal desires on “Need Your Body”, taking the party to the five star hotels of “Suite Luv”, inviting dialogues on “Tell Me Girl”, before bringing you to the closing cut “Tempt Me With Your Love” that sends out a bouquet of sensuality to the sky like a cluster of helium balloons.

We had the chance to catch up with Stimulator Jones in the following interview exclusive:
What’s good at the moment in Virginia right now?
Currently enjoying the transition into spring, watching the flora and fauna begin to blossom and flourish. Reconnecting with the Sun. The color yellow.
What local inspirations have been inspiring you creatively lately?
I’ve been inspired by nature, people, dreams and poetry.
Describe the simulations & stimulations that would inform the funk-world aesthetics of Stimulator Jones.
Powerful, hypnotic rhythms blended and layered together with melodic and atmospheric textures in a pleasurable fashion. I study the works crafted by my ancestors and join in their eternal song by adding my own personality and emotions to the ever-spinning circle.
Tell us about the approaches, processes & influences that contributed to the album Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures.
The album is kind of a sonic diary of moods and experiences I created and captured over the span of 2014-2016, apart from “Soon Never Comes” which I originally wrote and made the first demo of in 2011. I was trying to bridge the gap between sampled/sequenced/looped sounds and live instrumentation within the context of structured songs with verses and choruses while pushing my vocal ability to the limits of its soulfulness and expressiveness.
How do you go about bridging the retro & futuristic components of your sound?
In general, all forms of music and sound have long been established and I am endlessly fascinated by them for what they are, I am a student of them and have little desire to make attempts at reinventing anything – but I have access to modern equipment and I’m informed by all the experiences of my modern existence so that is naturally reflected within my sound as well.
What excites you about the future?
I’m excited to travel to strange new places, interact with strange new people, and record strange new albums.
What is next in the cards for Stimulator Jones?
Some US and European touring, more music videos, and collaborations with other musicians and vocalists.
Other artists that are currently inspiring you?
Richmond, VA is flooded with inspiring talent – Kenneka Cook, DJ Harrison, Butcher Brown, Corey Fonville, Marcus Tenney, Charles Owens, Reggie Pace, No BS Brass Band, Sam Reed, Ohbliv, Fly Anakin, Koncept Jackson, the whole Mutant Academy crew, Michael Millions, Nickelus F, the list goes on and on.
Life lessons learned & other parting words of wisdom to leave us with?
Worrying about things that you can not control is absolutely 100% useless and will only makes things needlessly harder on you. There are no stressful situations, only stressful reactions.
Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures available today via Stones Throw