Week in Pop: ETA, Kristen Barredo, Micah E. Wood

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Kristen Barredo

Kristen Barredo ushers in the new school of r&b; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Introducing spring’s latest breakout pop star Kristen Barredo with the world premiere of the single “Know” that seeks to understand the truth & reality of connective bonds. The Sacramento based artist collaborated with Baseball Gregg’s Sam Regan to create an r&b track that operates in modes of conversation that asks the question of whether or not what two romantically involved people share is indeed the real thing. Blending the school of lover’s rock style learned from 80s & 90s radio hits with an evocative economy sinewy synths & affectionate rhythms—Barredo presents a song that strikes at the heart of the matter that flies on the wings of desire that searches for something more substantive than the flashy smoke & mirrors of pretensions. “Know” is the late night jam that makes 2018 feel like 1998 all over again with a track that you would discover after hours while listening to Sac-town’s own KSFM 102.5 on the radio dial.
Kristen Barredo’s breakout single “Know” cuts through the confusions & complications in efforts to see, feel, understand and connect with a significant other on a meaningful level. The classic meets contemporary production groove that Sam conducts provides the perfect arrangement for Barredo’s confrontational song that gets to the point of things with an aesthetic that mixes old school beats with new school styles. Not just a rhetorical game of 21 questions, Kristen’s song deliver questions of desire that dearly & sincerely look for a sense of truth from the obfuscations of intentions that inquiries whether or not exchanges & amour are requited. The litany of suspicions are expressed in earnest from catching a significant other flexing on Instagram, staying out too late making connections, texting unknown parties along with numerous other instances that works to assert whether or not a cherished relationship is real. Kristen Barredo sings direct from the heart as a sharp shooter that cuts through the material/monetary conceits to determine whether or not a bond of endearment is truly the genuine article.

The styles of Kristen Barredo; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Catching up over cocktails with Kristen Barredo; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Kristen Barredo provided some exclusive insights about the radical new single “Know”:

I knew I needed to record this song with Sam right away after I heard the lines, are you on IG flexing? Lyrical wise it’s real, it’s raw and an experience most couples go through. It’s kind of like your modern day “Trapped in the Closet“. Sam’s not only a lyrical genius, but overall brilliant at producing. It was such a pleasure making music and being goofy with him.

Sam Regan’s fields of dreams; photographed by Logan Wells.

Sam Regan also shared the following reflections about working with Kristen Barredo:

I mainly work on music for my other project Baseball Gregg, but I’m constantly working on and creating songs in all sorts of styles. Most of these are just little snippets that I might show to a few close friends, but most of them never really become anything more than a demo. I wrote “Know” almost two or three years ago and have always really liked the song, but I never really knew what I should do with it. The song is really a fit for a Baseball Gregg and I also can’t sing well enough to properly record the vocals for it. Around October of last year I asked Kristen if she’d want to sing the song, so one day I drove up to Sacramento and we recorded in her living room. We all sat on the floor and recorded the vocals in about an hour. Kristen is such a fun person and is an amazing singer. She added a lot of her own flavor to the song and her vocals were so much fun to mix! We’ve got a few more demos we’d like to work on, so hopefully there will be more music soon!

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Cover art for Kristen Barredo; courtesy of the artist.