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Matt Maltese

Matt Maltese follows up his previous single “As the World Caves In” with more snapshots & scenes from our contemporary times with the premiere of the piano driven b-side “No One Won the War” courtesy of Canvasback. The South London artist’s flipside from his Donald Trump & Theresa May theatrical/surrealist fanfic contemplates the complexities & futility of the human condition through a classic form of balladry.
In a culmination of subtle electronic rhythms & effects with evocative acoustic piano; “No One Won the War” operates on a post-apocalyptic level where the aftermath & megadeaths are tallied together in a solemn song that surveys the wreckage. The chemical worlds of nine to fives & all the contrived realities in-between are described in T.S. Elliot “Prufrock” terms & aloof observations that hint at a resignation from the rat-race games. The notes sway to & fro as everything from the club life to the malaise of the work place are shaken up together in a volatile & emotional cocktail that many will be able to relate to in one way or another. Matt Maltese introduced us to the b-side’s debut with the following insights:

We lovely humans seem to be on an eternal hamster wheel of conflict and reparation. And nobody wins. Not the people at the bottom or the people at the top.

Matt Maltese’s “As the World Caves In” b/w “No One Won the World” is available now from Canvasback Music.