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Luke Sweeney

A Mother’s Day gift from Luke Sweeney; photographed by Yasamine June.

Today Royal Oakie released a cassette single from San Francisco tunesmith Luke Sweeney called Mother’s Day where 25% of proceeds will go to benefit the non-profit Every Mother Counts. In the words of the label, “Women’s health is a very important issue to us, and we feel it’s important now more than ever to take a stand in whatever way we can.”
Luke Sweeney’s single “Mother’s Day” brings out all the big-time power-pop instrumental & arrangement chops to make a sentimental song for the ages. This is one for everyone that misses their mom, or is lucky enough to spend the Hallmark holiday with the most wonderful women in the world who has given them life. The very chord progression make-up conveys the feeling of honest expression with a feeling that brings youthful remembrances forward to the now in a song designed to celebrate those special somebodies that are truly behind the reasons for the weekend holiday season. “Mother’s Day” manifests itself too as being something of the result of every major power-pop movement where Sweeney is able to articulate an infinite lullaby for his daughter that immortalizes his wife & the beauty of a bond that paves the way with guidelines for the generations to follow.

Luke Sweeney wrote us the following exclusive epistolary about the new single “Mother’s Day”:

Dear Friend,
I feel like we’re most connected to our true selves at the quietest moments, the times when the light is natural and the elements are simplified. That magical, maternal quality of ​night, which gives birth to each day, gifted me the inspiration to write this song, “Mother’s Day”. I dragged an acoustic guitar over to my desk past bedtime and started with a very simple line, think of your mother, baby…it was as honest as anything I’ve ever put to paper. I was writing to my own child, from the first perspective, using my wife as the gentle heroine. The family photos on the wall above were listening as I laid down the demo.
This song basically became the musical equivalent of a spirituality pamphlet, intended to empower my daughter to be herself in whatever form that may be. While people and our technologies tend to complicate the facts of life in a never-ending spiral of confusion and perceived obligation, there is a forgiving nature to mother earth from which we should never lose touch. So, this thing “Mother’s Day” is a reminder of that, as well as an ode to my own mother and all the amazing women of the world bringing up healthy children who can stay true to themselves navigating the static on the surface. I think I might have even discovered my own maternal instinct while laying down those high background vocal takes. At the end of the day, I just want my daughter to be happy. Don’t we all want that for each other?
~ Luke Sweeney
San Francisco, CA

Lukey Sweeney’s “Mother’s Day” single is available now from Royal Oakie.