Molly Soda and Rachel Bell are Into You

During the heat of this year’s SxSW, The Front provided a respite for weary music fans with Into You, a two day art event hosted by Molly Soda and Rachel Bell at ATM Gallery in Austin, TX. The event included performances by Maya Martinez, Isabelle McGuire, Signe Pierce, Rebecca Beauchamp, Shifra (Sophia Katz), and WITCH HAZEL; readings by Sara Sutterlin, Manuel Arturo Abreu, Sarah Jean Alexander, Mira Gonzalez, Precious Okoyomon, Zoe Darsee, Ethos, Rachel Bell, Kathryn Johnston, Lora Mathis, David Fishkind, Carrie Laski, and visual art by too many artists to list here. The event also included a sleepover for visitors to rest their SxSW aches. Photographer Alex Kacha was there to catch the chill.

A calm respite during the craziness of SxSW.