Dntel to release next record on Leaving/Stones Throw

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If Taso and Aphex Twin had a baby, it’d probably sound a lot like Dntel‘s “If I Stay a Minute,” fresh off of Human Voices, his Leaving/Stones Throw debut LP set to drop September 23.

The project of former Sub Pop-sweetheart Jimmy Tamborello, his post-The Postal Service beats take on an amped up, aggressive edge that feels like it’s been stewing since “Such Great Heights”.

Bolstered by an aggressive kick drum, burbling synth pipes and a chop-n-screw vocal sample, it’s a strangely skewered track that works in its misalignment and complicated time changes. We’re practically bubbling over with impatience, but it gives us a lot to look forward to from Human Voices. Even if it’s quite the misnomer.

Dntel’s Human Voices is out September 23 on Leaving/Stones Throw.