Uniqlo starts revealing the big SPRZ

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Uniqlo Lucky Line

While the full reveal is still a little over a week away, Uniqlo is starting to leak more info about the big SPRZ behind their 5th ave flagship NY store. Closed for most of 2014, the store has been draped in a giant cover that simply reads #SPRZNY, and now a new video has been released that provides a little more information, including the launch date of the renovated store and the 2014 edition of their virtual Lucky Line. What we know so far is the store will re-open on March 28th with the new addition located on the second floor of the flagship location. There will also be a full Starbucks inside, and the video suggests the SPRZ is a close collaboration with the art world. And like in years past, you won't have to wait until the 28th to get more details; you can virtually “stand in line” now to celebrate the re-opening with chances of winning prizes from Starbucks, Uniqlo and more. While you're there, can you order us a Chai latte?