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David Halegua is our new fashion columnist. He also took all of these photographs. If anyone can explain fashion in a straightforward, unpretentious way, it's David. —Eds.

Here are some highlights from my recent trip to (capsule), a 2-day #menswear trade show that went down earlier this week in Manhattan.

French label Brooklyn We Go Hard had one of my favorite displays, and co-founder David Obadia was really nice.

Sock Specialists Richer Poorer gave me a free pair of socks and Tim gave me a business card that is approximately 1cm shorter than a normal one.

“I started Feal Mor becuase I wanted to make a few sweaters and peacoats that existed only in my head”

Los Angeles based label Feal Mor specializes in very fine sweaters. The head designer was eating lunch and was unable to comment much (can't blame him though, that sandwich looked delicious) but his partner was happy to tell me about the company and showcase a couple pieces.

With all the outerwear-focused fashion included in the show, (capsule) showcased a selection of performance-apparel labels in their ABOVE TREE LINE exhibit. More-or-less some sawdust on the floor and a stump or two, but cool nonetheless.

In this slightly different room, Poler showcased their Camping Stuff line and the one dude had a sweet Pendleton-collab (go figure) hat that I didn't get a very good photo of.

When I stopped by U.K. streetwear newbies SupremeBeing's booth, the guy suprisingly commented on my old Supreme snapback without blinking an eye. When I asked him about the obvious similarity in name and concept, he said something along the lines of I didn't name it…

Unfortunately, as I walked around the show, I kept seeing the same things over and over, almost tricking me into thinking I was walking in circles. Didn't I already see the label with the camo blazer and matching tie? Oh wait no this one is from Japan…That, and the never ending list of Pendleton collaborations (real talk, I love Pendleton but c'mon, son) and the guy working the Mark McNairy booth with the stupid hair and leather Knicks (ew) hat, I was a little dissapointed. Here are some more pics.