A new War on Sacred Bones

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In June of '11, we declared Iceage's New Brigade record to be the album that would upseat “Fucked Up's David Comes to Life as the best hardcore album that people not normally into hardcore will enjoy.” Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt partnered up with Sexdrome member and Posh Isolation co-label head Loke Rahbek to form War, a lo-fi house duo with zero similarity to the band Eric Burdon founded. War from Copenhagen, Denmark could be the band people not normally into house will enjoy.

Due next month on Sacred Bones, War's debut 7″ was recorded to four-track cassette and sounds utterly damaged. Destroyed and barely audible, the bleached and beat-driven b-side “Brodermordet” is inspired by the timeless Bibilical tale of Cain and Abel's doomed fatricide. We were able to decipher the lyric “looking down on you”, which alludes to God's role in the first recorded murder. Beyond that we are uncertain as to where Elias and Loke stand on the fratricide issue.

The A-side is doubled up with “At War For Youth” and “Kain Mærke”. “Brodermordet” is streaming in our player below.

The War 7″ is out February 21 on Sacred Bones.